Joseph_DileyHello, my name is Joseph Diley. I have a background in software programming and absolutely love socializing. I am 26 years old and wanted to reach out to everyone who would read my blog. I have 3 dogs and spend my time either with them or mountain biking.

I am currently single, but looking…haha…and as mentioned above, love to socialize and meet different people. I like spending time with friends and enjoy going to the movies.

I think one of the most interesting things you’ll find about me is that I actually learned programming by research or through one of my closest friends who taught me a lot. I never went to college to get my degree however, it is on my list of things to do.

I am certain that as I continue to post more information on SEO, which is also a subject that I’m researching, my knowledge in the subject matter will become stronger. I really dive in to things that catch my interest, and search engine marketing has definitely done that to me. I originally started getting interested in it when my friend, who taught me programming, asked me to help him with one of his sites.

I hope that you find my blog interesting and hope that you reach out to me if I can be of further help.

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